Friday, August 2, 2013

Born Pretty Store False Lashes Review

false lashes - c/o bornprettystore

I've decided to incorporate more beauty posts (mostly reviews) into this blog to keep it fresh, and not just limited to just style and ootds, so I've officially added a beauty section. I've been really into makeup products too, so I would just like to share my thoughts with you all because I know how hard it is to find that perfect product and I am still looking for the right products for me. So with that, I'm going to be reviewing these false lashes from Born Pretty Store that sells makeup products for very cheap! 

There are a total of 10 pairs of false lashes in this set for just $8.54 which is a pretty good deal considering that usually one pair of false lashes are around $4. Some brands are even $8 just for one pair, so just let that sink in. I've been really into natural-looking false lashes, recently, because mascara can only do so much and doesn't do much if you have straight lashes that don't curl very well. And false lashes open up your eyes so much more. With these lashes, they enhance your makeup look without looking overdone/overly dramatic and can be your only eye makeup sometimes. I also like the the varying length of the individual lashes. I find that that the ones that are the same length across look extremely fake and don't suit my eyes at all. These are ideal for any occasion, even as part of your everyday makeup. I usually wear my liquid eyeliner every day, but I have found on lazy days or on days I have to run errands, I can just wear these lashes as my only eye makeup. 

Also, these are the first lashes I've gotten that don't need to be curled! Before trying out these lashes, I've been using Red Cherry lashes which I had to curl, but these lashes from bornprettystore don't need to be curled at all. I highly recommend these lashes to people who have monolids. Pair these lashes with a smoky eyed bronze look, and you're good to go.

I would definitely recommend these lashes if you are looking for natural-looking lashes that are noticeable. If you are interested in getting these, click here. You can get 10% off anything from the site with this code:YZL91. They also have free worldwide shipping! 


  1. Wonderful lashes! I wish i had the same.. ;)
    and I invite you to Giveaway on my blog! ;D

  2. Oh wow, looks like some awesome lashes for you to review! Aha, they look fantastic

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  3. Ooh this is really great! I always like reading your blog :)


  4. wow..these look really really pretttyyyy :D

  5. I like the beauty session! Very nice!
    I always try using lashes but it never work on me. These lashes are beautiful!

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