Friday, August 30, 2013

Circle Lenses - Lens Village - Review

circle lenses - c/o lens village

I am doing another review today on a circle lenses site called Lens Village, who sent me 2 pairs of circle lenses of my choice to try out and review. The lighting in the last two pictures look vastly different, I know. For some strange reason, my hair looks like two completely different colors.

Diameter: 14 mm
Color: Gorgeous blue color with tint of yellow on the inner part. 
Enlargement: These do not offer as much enlargement as I hoped but do brighten up the eyes due to the pretty blue color. I was not sure what diameter I would like best, so I decided to try a 14mm one and a 14.2 mm one. There is a big difference. 

Diameter: 14.2 mm
Color: Love this color. Grey circle lenses look gorgeous over brown eyes and they look more natural.
Enlargement: I definitely prefer this 14.2mm diameter over the 14mm diameter. There is such a big difference. This one enlarges the eyes so much. As for comfort, they do get dry sometimes, so I just carried eye drops with me. I just got back from a 7 day cruise in northern europe (new post coming soon covering the trip), and I had worn these on one of the formal nights. Apparently, you aren't supposed to wear circle lenses for more than 6-8 hours, but I wore mine for 13 hours on the cruise one day and, my eyes got pretty red. So I would not recommend going beyond 6 hours. My eyes were fine at that point. If you are used to wearing soft contact lenses, these should be comfortable. They are a bit uncomfortable when you first have them in, and dryness happens occasionally. So just carry eye drops with you. Other than that, I love these lenses. They are so pretty. After you try on circle lenses, you will get addicted to the look (explains why I wore them for 13 hours straight -_-, never again). 

If you have brown eyes, these two colors will look gorgeous over your eyes.


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  3. hmmm i might have to try those!


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