Saturday, November 8, 2014


alexander wang x hm favorites

Was anyone lucky enough to snag some pieces from Alexander Wang's H&M collection? If so, link me to your haul/blog post so I can live vicariously through your experience and joy. 

I've been obsessing over several items and wanted to share my favorites from the Alexander Wang x H&M collab collection and share my thoughts on the collection as a whole and individually.

1. Top with Perforated Pattern (Black) 
My all-time favorite piece from this collection. Like, can we please take a moment to stare at the godliness of it. The transparent stripes and perforated pattern is just, for lack of better words, just too good. I can't even form into words how obsessed I am with this. Unfortunately it's all sold out, so I've been stalking it on ebay. Nothing makes you want something more when it's sold out. The struggle is real, people. If I ever get my hands on this, you can bet there will be an outfit post about it.

2. Perforated Patterned Bikini
My favorite swimwear design I have ever seen. The texture is what gets me. The crocodile-textured pattern and perforation go together so perfectly. 

3. Water Bottle
 In metal. I have to have this. So sleek. 

4. Top with Perforated Pattern (White)
Psych. It's the same top as #1 but in white. I know, redundancy, but clearly this demonstrates my dire need of this top. I can't decide which color I like better. The real question is whether I'm willing to drop $200+ for it.

5. Key Ring
I don't even know why I like this. It's so cute and fierce, though.

6. Leather Backpack
That structure. As much as I love this, the price isn't worth it for me though ($249).

As for the rest of the items, I loved the dresses and the reflective leggings were cool, but I didn't care for the pieces that had the wang logo all over it. And also, I knew a lot of the pieces in the collection wouldn't look good on me like the scuba knit sweaters. I have really broad shoulders, so those bulky pieces would not have been flattering. All in all, I really liked the collection as a whole (love the sporty chic look and neoprene material). If you haven't seen the full collection yet, view it here

What is your favorite piece from the collection?


  1. i really wanted one of the sweatshirts but everything sold out!

    xx fameliquorlove // bloglovin // instagram // youtube

  2. Uhhh I cant wait to get my hands on Alexander's designs for H&M, thanks for sharing!
    Just started following your blog, could you take a look into mine?

  3. Really wanted the sweatshirt but I'm not even going to bother to look at the crazy prices people will be selling them for. That top was next on my list too! x


  4. Looks so good!


  5. I saw a blog post about it and frankly wasn't entirely too impressed by it, I've seen better pieces from him before. :-(

    Reflection of Sanity

  6. i like a couple of pieces, but honestly i feel these collections are all about bragging and in a few months from now no one will be wearing their collection items.


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