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If you love chocolate (but I mean who doesn't?) and want to see what its like to use beauty products that look, feel, or smell like real chocolate, then this is a beauty box you'll want to check out. This time as a Memebox Ambassador, Memebox sent me their chocolate mania box to review. When I first opened this box, I immediately looked for anything edible. I kid you not I honestly thought they'd include like some edible chocolate treats because "chocolate mania". This box came with 8 full size products (how awesome is that) of chocolatey goodness.  
An aerial view of chocolate mania.
1. dearberry Miss Mona Lisa Eyebrow 01 Choco Brownie 

Product Description
Frame, structure, and stylize eyebrows with this easy-to-use auto-pencil. It features a colored tip to trace the eyebrows and fill in sparse areas. The formula features a beautiful no-smudge finish, and long-lasting hold. The result? Perfectly groomed brows and completely enhanced eyes.  
How to use
Brush eyebrow from brow bone toward the forehead with the colored tip and brush up with bristle. 

I've never actually bought an eyebrow pencil before, so I was excited to try out this two-in-one product. Filling in my brows is probably my weak point when it comes to makeup, so I'm excited to experiment with this brow pencil. This chocolate brown color is perfect for naturally blending in with your brows. It also makes your brows look more defined.  

2. Missha Cacao & Cream Facial Scrub 

Product Description
A soft, cream-type facial scrub formulated with real cacao extracts to gently peel away any dead skin cells, blackheads, and whiteheads clogging up pores while maintaining skin’s moisture level well-balanced. Plus, who doesn’t want to try a scrub resembling cookie & cream!
How to use
Gently massage the formula over wet face and rinse off with lukewarm water. 

A scrub resembling cookies & cream? Um, yes! I forgot to snap a photo of the texture, but it literally looks like cookies and cream. The little beads look like the cookie bits. It smells like it too. I almost want to eat it. Trust me, once you open this, you'll have to remind yourself constantly that its not edible. Excellent gift for any cookies and cream lovers who also happen to love facial scrubs.

3. Skinfood Cacao Hand Balm 

Product Description
The Cocoa butter complex delivers deep moisture & nutrition care to dry, rough-textured hands. 
How to use
Apply directly to clean hands as often as needed. 

This Cocoa butter hand balm looks and smells like chocolate pudding. Now I want chocolate pudding. It just smells delightful. It's like slathering on a mixture of chocolate and your favorite moisturizer. It really is "skinfood". The only thing I dislike is the slight stickiness of it. But then again, I hate sunscreen, so it's all a personal preference.

4. Zamian Super Gold Cacao Pack 

Product Description
Pamper your skin with Super Gold Cacao Pack infused with a blend of 99.9% gold and cacao powders – a beauty formula widely loved by Kings and Queens for its highly effective skin smoothening, firming, and nourishing results. 
How to use
Spread directly over clean face and rest for 10~20 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water. 

So this appears to be something like a chocolate mask that you spread over your face for 10-20 minutes and then rinse off. It's like squeezing hershey's chocolate out. Out of all the chocolatey products, this one smells the most identical to chocolate. Like I'm tempted to taste it, because my brain is like "It smells like chocolate, it looks like chocolate, it must be chocolate!". It's pretty much like a chocolate mud pack that you smear on your face. I almost can't believe that it's not chocolate.

5. Shara Shara Tempting Avocado Chocolate Massage Cream

Product Description
Replenish and rejuvenate skin with richly nutritious blend of avocado oil, cacao extracts, and banana extracts. Shara Shara Tempting Avocado Chocolate Massage Cream will deeply nourish, firm up, and smooth out rough, sagging skin, bringing back a healthy glow to your complexion. 
How to use
Spread evenly over clean face and gently massage for about 5 min. Rinse off with lukewarm water. 

 It claims to replenish and rejuvenate skin with a rich nutritious blend of avocado oil, cacao extracts, and banana extracts. I don't really use massage creams, so I'll probably be gifting this to someone, but it sounds quite soothing.

6. Neogen Code9 Gold Cacao Cream 

Product Description
An intensively moisturizing and nourishing facial butter cream specifically formulated to target those with super dry, sensitive skin suffering from severe dehydration and rough, cracking skin texture in the winter times. Its key ingredients – gold, cacao seed butter, mango seed butter, shea butter, and olive oil – are all naturally derived and thus gentle enough to be used by all skin types. 
How to use
Apply directly to toned skin at the end of skincare routine. 

A moisturizing facial butter cream formulated to target those with super dry and sensitive skin. Key ingredients include -cacao seed butter, mango seed butter, shea butter, and olive oil. I love the scent of this! The scent is very light and subtle and not overbearing like the other chocolatey products. Texture is creamy and application is smooth and easy. This is an excellent moisturizer!

7. Purederm Choco Cacao Collagen Mask 

Product Description
A facial pulp mask made from high concentrates of cacao and collagen extracts. It’s gentle on skin, delivers an instant moisture and works to improve skin elasticity for a healthier complexion overall. 
How to use
Place the sheet mask over clean face and rest for 15~20 minutes. Remove and pat in the remaining essence for full absorbance. 

A facial mask made from cacao and collagen extracts. I love trying out facial masks. This one for some reason irritated my skin a bit unfortunately. I think I just have really sensitive skin. By the way I have combination skin that is very acne-prone for a frame of reference.

8. Binucook Cacao Choco Pie Soap 

Product Description
Scented with a delicious chocolaty goodness, Binucook’s hand-made Cacao Choco Pie Soap looks and smells of real choco pie (a popular chocolate snack in Korea) and works to deep cleanse as well as maintain skin’s moisture/oil balance. 
How to use
Wash face with warm water first to open up the pores. Lather the soap well and gently massage onto skin. Rinse off with cold water to tighten back up the pores. 

This soap bar looks and smells like real choco pie (which is a popular chocolate snack in Korea btw) and claims to deep cleanse as well as maintain skin's moisture/oil balance. 

Overall, my favorite products are the Cacao & Cream Facial Scrub , the Gold Cacao Cream, and the eyebrow pencil. I think I was drawn more to the products that had more subtle hints of chocolate.

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