Thursday, February 25, 2016


 c/o memebox

Some new goodies I received this past month from Memebox. A gorgeous set of glittery nail polishes and a few skin products. Really loving the packaging on the glittery polishes. That Girl Illusion Nail Lacquers comes in 4 selections. Party Fever is a plum purple shade with micro gold pearls. Sensual Seduction is the midnight blue shade with micro pearls. Be Imagination is the forest green shade with glitter pearls again. And finally, my favorite of the set is the Illusion Glass, which is a clear polish with chunky hologram pieces. They came in a hologram box (not shown in these photos), which sometimes causes rainbows in my room when the sunlight hits it. 

Excited to try the seed essence toner which contains extra virgin olive oil. As for the "I'm cleansing oil", it has such a nice scent and feels quite nice. It doesn't seem to feel oily either, which is a plus.

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