Saturday, September 16, 2017

Media Noche : Cuban Counter in SF

Nestled in the Mission District lies a Cuban gem, Media Noche (Spanish for midnight). I was immediately drawn to the restaurant's Cuban-inspired decor. It feels very fresh and inviting. The interior space is really quite lovely with the turquoise columns, Cuban-inspired patterned tiles, hanging plants and mirrors, the neon flamingo behind the counter, and the banana wallpaper in the bathroom. It's really the details that makes this place enchanting.

I stopped by for Happy Hour and ordered the Empanadas Croquetas ($6), which was quite a tasty afternoon snack. It came with a delicious dipping sauce. Great prices for Happy Hour as well.

If you stop by the bathroom, you'll find yourself surrounded by a patterned wall of bananas, perhaps a homage to Andy Warhol.


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